BODYJET Eco and EVO WAL (Water Assisted Liposuction)

AquaShape by BodyJet


BodyJet Liposuction Comments by Dr. Dhaval and Dr. Bradley


How BodyJet Works



Download: How to get best results in fat grafting.

Why consider BodyJet WAL (water-assisted liposuction) for Body Contouring and/or Fat Grafting, SVF and stem cell collection?

  • Fastest Procedure: Saves time, saves money
  • No Tumescence: No general anesthesia required means less risk
  • Most Gentle Liposuction: less pain, bruising swelling
  • Highest Available Fat Quality: the most viable fat ensures the best results
  • No Manipulation of Harvested Fat: ready for immediate re-injection and contains the highest number of stem cells
  • Fastest Recovery Time: happy patients
  • Flexible enough to use in Regenerative Medicine, Plastic Surgery and Dermatology.
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