Aesthetic Concierge Group takes its name from the concept of the French concierge, who is a knowledgeable guide who assists their clients by solving their problems, answering their questions, and providing insightful and unbiased guidance. Only after careful analysis (examination and diagnosis) do we offer potential solutions to our clients problems (prescription and treatment). Regular and continuing interaction with our clients over the long-term helps ensure our client’s success. To this end, ACG partners with over 10 major consulting groups, aesthetic laser and device manufacturers, and other product and service groups to help our clients become more successful.


Your aesthetic patients/clients do not want to be “sold” whatever you or a particular provider happens to offer. Clients want expert and unbiased guidance that is in their best interest, not simply what is in the provider’s best interest. ACG was founded on the philosophy of offering a broad (yet deep) range of potential solutions to met each of our client’s needs and desires. If we do not happen to offer the best particular services for our clients, we direct them to other companies that do.

Dr. Steve Weber, D.Ed.Min.

"I would be remiss if I did not mention the exceptional level of commitment to ongoing training and support offered by the company.  The local representative has kept me and my staff abreast of the evolving techniques and advances to keep us ahead of any competition.  Steve Weber has always been completely honest with me and has proven to be an invaluable resource.  I have worked with him with various lasers over the last 10+ years.  He takes a genuine interest in the success of my practice and I appreciate that very much."

- F. Victor Atalla, MD
Atalla Plastic Surgery Center
Bowling Green, KY

"I am thankful for the honesty and integrity of Steve Weber, our Exilis representative. He has invested much time and energy to ensure that we have full knowledge and support in every aspect."

- Nicholas Sieveking, MD
Sieveking Plastic Surgery
Nashville, TN

"I would also be careless in my recommendation if I failed to mention the outstanding training and customer service provided by Steve Weber.  He doesn’t just sell you the equipment and move on to his next prospect.  He works very hard to maintain your satisfaction level and sustains it by providing superb initial training, continuing education and continuing product development."

- Rosemary DeLaney, Spa Director
Peggy Fishman, MD, Center for Integrative & Age-Management Medicine,
Louisville, KY

Dr. Steve Weber (D.Ed.Min.) is the senior partner with Aesthetic Concierge Group (ACG). Steve’s doctoral dissertation focused on equipping individuals and organizations in these four processes of clarity, movement, alignment, and focus. All four aspects are critical to achieve the goals of a successful aesthetic practice. ACG is guided by these four processes which limits its geographic boundaries. This helps to ensure the necessary time for follow through and support is not simply a promised abstract concept, but a practical reality.


Steve is the founder and Senior Partner of the Aesthetic Concierge Group. He graduated from the University of Louisville in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He immediately began his career as a medical equipment representative, and continues serving clients in the same territory. As a firm believer in education and advancement, he went on to earn a Master of Arts in Education in 2004, followed by a Doctorate of Education in 2014.


Steve has been married to Claudia since 1994 and has four wonderful children and six exceptionally precious grandchildren. He enjoys volunteering at his church as an ordained Minister of Education.