Platelet BioFill (™) (PBF)

Pure BioFill(™) (PBF), sometimes referred to as Platelet BioFill, is a natural injectable material which may create an immediate volumizing effect that may last 3-6 months.  PBF is an autologous, biological-type of filler providing extended release of platelet derived growth factors using the slow absorption properties of plasmatic proteins.

PBF achieves volumization while inducing collagen formation to help create lift, fibrin to improve texture and elastin to enhance elasticity.  The process involves heating platelet-poor plasma (PPP) which is rich in albumin.  The denaturation and restructure of the proteins is thought to provide PBF its’ extended resorption properties.

PBF combines the benefits of the market leading quality Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from the PureSpin PRP system to regenerate tissue while also providing a filling effect of a protein scaffold to provide a natural soft-tissue augmentation.

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