PureSpin One™ 20 mL Single Spin PRP/PRF

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PureSpin-One 20 mL PRP Processing Video

PureSpin One™ PRP/PRF System has Several Unique Benefits:

An autologous PRP/PRF preparation with a unique blend of concentrated platelets and growth factors suspended in plasma.

*Platelet concentrations of 3.5-4 times baseline in 5mL of PRP/PRF.

*Custom designed blood concentrating collection device for proper cell separation.

*PureSpin One™ utilizes concentrated anticoagulant for higher platelet recovery, rather than vacutainers with anticoagulated gel.

*PureSpin One™ concentrating systems are the Fastest and Most Efficient 20mL on the market.

*Prepare 5mL of HC-PRP/PRF in a single 1 or 1.5 minute spin.

PureSpin One™ is distinguished technology that is Quick, Safe and Effective.

Download #1:  PureSpin PRP/PRF Product brochure