Rhonda Hatfield / Blue Halo Med Spa

Rhonda earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Marketing from the University of Louisville. She is a serial Entrepreneur and takes joy in spending time with her husband and children while helping others in achieving their life and business goals.  The first location for Blue Halo Med Spa, Inc was founded in 2015 and the second Middletown location was launched in August 2021.

Prior to the Blue Halo Med Spa, Inc. endeavors, Rhonda was the founder of Little Scholars I and II for approximately 10 years. The businesses were built from scratch, operated, and sold in 2011 at top capacity with over $2MM in gross revenue. The centers had a total of 80 employees and are still in operation to date. Rhonda obtained business development and operational experience while working 10 years for Fortune 500 Corporations such as General Electric, and Lexmark International.

Rhonda’s team is dedicated to delivering an exceptional med spa experience, aimed to exceed client’s expectations and help them look and fee their very best.  Here entire team strives to engage their customers for life by prioritizing the safety, comfort, and overall experience of their guests and team.

Rhonda consults with medical spa owners who benefit from her wealth of information and experience proving to be invaluable to any aesthetic/regenerative medical provider.  Rhonda’s expertise and experience includes all aspects of clinic management, from the initial conception of a business, funding, zoning, building, customer billing and communication, staff training, compensation, motivation.  She has benefited numerous medical spa owners and operators around the country with her exceptional intellect and genuine desire to benefit others.

Rhonda is a perpetual learner and a natural teacher.  Her clients’ well-being is her organization’s top priority.  Rhonda gives back to the community in numerous ways and truly seeks to benefit everyone with whom she comes in contact.