Comprehensive Training Solutions for Hair Regrowth, by National Hair Loss Medical Associates (NHLMA)™

NHLMA Immune Report, Follicular Testing video

NHLMA Hair, Skin and Nails, Follicular Testing video

Hair Growth After Chemotherapy - NHL Patient Testimony video

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Comprehensive Training Solutions for Hair Regrowth

NHLMA helps hair regrowth specialists get and stay current, informed, and educated in all aspects of the hair loss industry.  Programs empower image professionals & businesses with the most advanced education related to aesthetics, nutrition, and hair loss.

NHLMA teaches providers the latest scientific discoveries relating to every aspect of hair loss, including:  Scalp Types, Stabilizing hair loss, Strengthening & Growing Hair, System Boost, Prescriptions, and Concealing.

Training Modules Include:  Hair Loss 101 Hybrid Masterclass, Hair Check with NHLMA Expert, Medical Microneedling, Photo Tracking & Expert Analysis, Hair/Skin and Nails Report, Immunity Report, RX LED Therapy System, and Wellness Within Package.