PureSpin™ 30, 60, 120 mL Double Spin PRP/PRF

PureSpin PRP/PRF Introductory Video

PureSpin Treatment on Steve Weber of ACG by Dr. Penne

PureSpin PRP Setup & Double-Spin Processing Video

PRP / Exosome Full Body Regenerative Makeover

The main goal of PRP/PRF is to deliver a high concentration of Human Growth Factors (HGFs) to an area of controlled injury, stimulating the healing response and reducing inflammation in the tissue.

Once growth factors bind to the cellular receptors of skin tissue (fibroblasts, endothelial cells, and osteoblasts) at the injection point, microneedled area, or lasered area, they activate a variety of intercellular events, which help mediate:

  1. Angiogenesis
  2. Migration of stem cells to the injection (injury area)
  3. Proliferation / Differentiation of multiple cell lines
  4. Production of extracellular matrix
  5. Stimulation of osteoblast and endothelial cells

Download #1: PureSpin PRP/PRF™ Product Brochure

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