FDA Cleared Microneedling, by RejuvaPen NXT™

RejuvaPen NXT Highlight Video

RejuvaPen Lobby Video, with Actual Treatment Video

RejuvaPen NXT and an Exosome Facial (ACG Client)

RejuvaPen NXT Systems utilize an array of stainless steel needle cartridges. This innovative new technology can help improve your appearance with little recovery time. As a result, the RejuvaPen NXT is a perfect, noninvasive lunch time procedure, and provides exceptional results.

– A Lifetime Warranty
– 12,000 RPM
– 12 or 24 stainless steel tips
– Market leading torque
– Designed and manufactured in the USA
– Durable medical grade aluminum design
– Scalloped edge eliminates suction and clogging
– Plug in systems for full power treatments and consistent output
– Ergonomic and lightweight design for enhanced provider comfort

The Most Affordable FDA Cleared Device and Supplies

Safe and Effective for all skin types

Naturally Stimulates Collagen and Elastin Production

FDA Cleared to reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

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