Microneedling to Stimulate Hair Regrowth

Microneedling on the scalp can jump start skin’s natural healing process for certain types of hair loss.  An FDA Cleared Microneedling device, such as the RejuvaPen NXT, uses 33 gauge needles to create thousands of microscopic micro-injuries in the areas affected by hair loss.  The scalp responds by sending more blood flow to the area and rebuilding its collagen to heal the micro-wounds. This wound-healing response has been shown to help regrow hair in some cases.  Studies have shown that microneedling can treat androgenetic alopecia (male and female pattern baldness) and some cases of alopecia areata.

Microneedling can also help PRP and topical medications like minoxidil (Rogaine®) penetrate the scalp, which could boost their effects.  Minoxidil increases blood flow to the scalp, prompting hair to grow in thicker.  Using microneedling in combination with products such as PRP and minoxidil are more effective than either treatment alone. The needles help open the skin barrier and deliver the medication at a deeper level.