Power Fotos Imaging

Have you ever heard your clients say, “I don’t see a change”…until they look at their photos?PowerPhotos

Power Fotos’ guided templates (or photo scripts, as we refer to them) help to ensure consistent Before & After photos for every procedure.

  • Each photo script uses pre-determined on-screen poses, grids and overlays to make it easy for you and your staff to take exceptional and repeatable pictures every time.
  • Once your initial picture is taken, it can be used to line up each subsequent picture, allowing you to view your photos side-by-side or overlapping (often called ghosting).

Why is a comprehensive digital imaging solution so crucial for your practice?

  • Quality photos can more accurately determine whether a patient is a candidate for treatment & improve case acceptance
  • They allow for long-term tracking and showcase measurable results to potential clients
  • Photos help to attract and retain new business.  Your own clinic’s before and after photos on your website increases conversion rate by 67% !

In this day and age, you can’t run a successful aesthetic practice without Before & After photos.  Consumers shopping around for the perfect procedure want to see tried-and-true results and testimonials from actual satisfied clients.  Allow your results to speak for themselves.  Our product offers:

Fast side-by-side photo comparison

Quick sharing with client via printing or email options

Fast slide-by-slide comparison

Easy use for procedures anywhere on the face or body

Quality Before & After photos:

  1. Can act as a powerful tool during consultations to lead to higher closing rates
  2. Are reproducible for use in marketing websites and articles
  3. Minimize refunds by providing proof of treatment success
  4. Save your office money by streamlining photo management, thus minimizing staff time
  5. Do not require a dedicated photography space
  6. Protect your office by keeping professional records for legal liability


Photos are an essential tool in determining whether or not a patient is a good candidate for hair restoration procedures.

They can also be extremely helpful to show a client their progress, particularly as hair regrowth an be a slow process.  Photos offer them ongoing proof of success!

Power Foto uses a 1 sq-cm field to clearly and definitively count and store each individual hair follicle, while also accurately accessing the number of hairs per follicle.  This allows you to offer your patient a superior overall assessment of hair growth.

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