RP Complex, Microneedling Skin Care Products

RP Complex Recovery Kit Video

As the leading FDA-Cleared microneedling system provider, the makers of the RejuvaPen NXT have developed extraordinary expertise in the best complimentary skin care products.  In fact, nearly 1 million treatments have been performed, and many of them using the RP COMPLEX line of skin care products.

Refine USA originally developed the RP (RejuvaPen) Complex line of skin care products to offer a turnkey solution to their clients.  The result of those years of experience have yielded specialized products that rival or exceed much higher priced “name brand” products on the market.  RP Complex are primarily “back bar” medical grade products, along with high quality post-treatment take home products.  Clinics still provide their “name brand” skin care products for retail sale, but realize exceptional clinical results at a more competitive price point.  With RP Complex, both your patients and your clinic win!