Dr. Charles Runels

Vampire Training, Physician Testimonial

Vampire Training, Physician Testimonial

Who Is Charles Runels?

Dr. Runels is the founder of the American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association and is the creator of revolutionary treatments including the Vampire FaceLift, the Vampire OShot, the Vampire PShot, the Vampire Facial, and many other life-changing treatments.

In his own words, Dr. Runels:  Has been running since childhood; has done marathons, triathlons, fasted for days, stayed awake for days, lived with very irregular hours, and worked every day with alternating day and night shifts, meditated at retreats in the mountains, prayed, worked as nautilus instructor, swimming instructor, studied at Spain Rehab in Birmingham, ate 3 dozen raw eggs a day and 1 gallon or more of milk, lived on milk free diet, lived for 2 years as a strict vegetarian, tried just about every vitamin or supplement in the health food store, milked goats, collected fresh ginseng from the mountains and eaten other natural “supplements” too crazy to name— all in effort to find out what really works— what really makes people enjoy good health–where you feel energetic and strong.

Not only is Dr. Runels extremely creative in developing new medical treatments to address patient’s aesthetic and sexual needs and desires, he is a master-marketer of very complex and delicate services.  In fact, many medical providers have commented that Dr. Runels is a genius when it comes to marketing all medical services offered by any medical professional.

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